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Where do ShopBots Come From?

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Apr 25, 2010 10:30:00 AM

On Day 2 of the ShopBot Jamboree,  we got a chance to tour the ShopBot factory here in Durham. Behind a modest brick facade is a gleaming facility filled with motors, aluminum extrusions, and the bright blue steel components that make ShopBots look so sharp.

The folks at ShopBot had parts set out on the assembly line, showing all the steps in putting together a ShopBot and then packing it into a crate for shipping. Better yet, we were able to preview the newest model of ShopBot, which has an even larger bed than was previously possible. This one pictured below features a 10’ x 5’ bed with a vacuum hold-down system and an automatic tool changer. Quite impressive in action, I must say.

The best part of the tour was chatting with the ShopBot folks about their new and experimental ShopBots. The ShopBot system can be reconfigured in many ways, and some of their custom machines are built around giant indexers (like lathes) for making ten-foot tall columns. Others feature multiple spindles for cutting in two places at once.

The Jamboree officially ended with the tour, but I’ve still got a little time in Durham.  I’ll be heading over to Maker Faire Durham in a few minutes, and then back to Philadelphia and NextFab to try out all the new ShopBot tricks and tips I picked up this weekend.

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