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What's Kickin' at NextFab: Jalapeño Portable Beat Maker and Colour Modular Analog Saturator

Posted by Tracy McCarthy

Jan 21, 2014 9:00:00 AM

This year is off to an amazing start with the launch of two supercool Kickstarter projects that got a little help from the NextFab: John Hunchar's Jalapeño™, the portable device that mixes music in real-time; and Peterson Goodwyn's Colour Modular Analog Saturator, DIY audio recording equipment. 

Jalapeño™ is the "beat-maker for action sports", a device paired with a custom app that tweeks melodies according to the user's physical movements.  (Snowboarders, skaters, and break-dancers -- this one's for you!!)


John Hunchar's Jalapeño™

Colour is the first modular, analog saturation device for the professional recording studio.  DIY'ers in the audio community can get the lush sound of analog recording without the expense of buying three standalone pieces of gear.  Co-founded with Stellar Electronic's Link Simpson, Peterson aims to make analog saturation much cheaper than purchasing vintage or standalone gear; to provide a platform for quickly, cheaply, and easily design audio distortion circuits; and to create an inspiring piece of recording gear.  Check out his informational video filmed at NextFab!

Colour-SidePeterson Goodwyn's Colour

To get these projects off the ground, it takes a team of smart and ambitious creatives.  John at Jalapeño™ says, "NextFab played a HUGE role in the early development of the Jalapeno Beat Maker! We can always count on them for high-quality prototyping services, and they never hesitate to roll up their sleeves to help us dig into any technical mess we find ourselves in! For that, they are forever a friend of the Farm!" 

Thanks, John!  We believe in these projects and will continue support our members to achieve their goals!  Pre-order your Jalapeño™ and Colour today!


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