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Weekly Staff Picks, February 19th, 2012

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Feb 19, 2012 10:01:00 AM

Here are our Staff Picks for this week. We hope you enjoy them!

The Iron Giant, the “50”   Alcoa restores the largest forging press in the world- built in 1955, still functional, and the only machine that can make the large structural forged parts needed by the aerospace industry and the space program. - Lewis

A washing machine self destructs, pretty self explanatory. “Will it blend” on steroids!” - Seth

Extreme Sheep LED Art   This one is just for fun, though it does have LEDs. - Brandon

The World’s Oldest Science Experiment   Billed as the world’s oldest running science experiment, live via webcam - “In 1927 Professor Parnell heated a sample of pitch and poured it into a glass funnel with a sealed stem. Three years were allowed for the pitch to settle, and in 1930 the sealed stem was cut. From that date on the pitch has slowly dripped out of the funnel - so slowly that now, 80 years later, the ninth drop is only just forming.” - Alex

The Center City Jazz Festival   “On April 28, the Center City Jazz Festival is set to showcase great new jazz in an exciting, youthful, energetic environment, and introduce a new crop of the Philadelphia area’s best up-and-coming artists to both jazz aficionados and the jazz curious…The music will range from hard-bop to groove and from sultry songstresses to hot Latin jazz — so organize a group of your friends, catch a show or two or three, have a drink, and enjoy some of the best music you haven’t yet heard.” - Alex

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