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Weekly Staff Picks, December 4, 2011

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Dec 4, 2011 1:15:19 PM

Here are our staff’s pick for this week.   Science, art, and technology are represented by these links.   The videos for the last 4 links are very interesting.   Please enjoy!

The Material Connexion   This is a database of innovative and sustainable materials.   Very cool. - Christine

Audi quattro   This is a great video about Audi’s quattro all wheel drive system.  (Subaru pays Audi a licensing fee for ever all wheel drive Subaru they sell.) - Adam

Invisibility cloak that uses the scientific principles of mirages to work. - Brandon

The art of Japanese Sword making still exists in Japan.   The video shows sword smithing and discuses the cultural importance of the art. - Gregg

The Bicycle Wheel Animation   This is really neat.   The video shows this art form much better than it can be described by words. - Yulia

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