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Our new interactive window display project

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Sep 13, 2011 4:42:00 PM

I am excited to announce a new interactive window display at NextFab Studio!

A camera will face the sidewalk outside and detect human faces. A program will display random shapes differing in color and size, according to the peoples facial positions.  (Don’t worry, we are not recording your face.)

The main idea for it is to let passersby have a chance to join a temporary public art project with us and explore more about NextFab Studio.

I have been working on this for the past few weeks. I researched many possibilities, then decided to use openFramework, not only because it has a lot of features for user interface design, but also runs on both Mac and Windows. It is also easier for people who don’t have a programming background to understand. Moreover, you can find a lot of examples on their forum website. The forum has been very helpful for me!

As you can see, Version 1 (directly above) had just black in the background, then I tried to keep the tester’s face on the screen for some debugging reasons. The outcome was more intuitive and intriguing. Version 2 (at the top of this post) included the faces that were detected, and for the current version, well…you will have to come and see!  ;)

A next step for this project is perhaps making the shapes follow or drift away according to the positions of the passersby’s faces.

Since it is an ongoing project, we will be happy to receive some feedback and ideas. Please feel free to comment!

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