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The VersaCamm SP-300i

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Jun 29, 2011 11:12:33 PM

I have also taken the class for the VersaCamm SP-300i.   This is another machine that can use designs made with Adobe Illustrator.   This machine is very versatile.   It can produce decals and lettering as well as heat transfers for clothing.  

The instructor went over the specifics of the machine including safety precautions, how to load it and how it is set up in detail.  

We were also introduced to the software that controls the VersaCamm.   We were shown how to work with the graphics and how to adjust the cutting.   There is a vast array of settings that give a great deal of flexibility to what is produced.      

The instructor showed us how easy it is to have very impressive results with the VersaCamm.   I’m looking forward to using this machine for a number of projects and I know I’ll enjoy using The VersaCamm SP-300i.

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