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Unearthing the Wonder of King Tut

Posted by Tracy McCarthy

Dec 4, 2013 10:55:00 AM

Upon his early death at age 18, King Tut was laid to rest in a small tomb in the Valley of the Kings in 1323 BC.  The tomb was forgotten until Howard Carter and George Herbert made its magnificent discovery in 1922. Since then, only two larger-than-life statues honoring the young king have ever been recovered. One of the giant statues has been restored and remains at the Chicago Oriental Institute. The other, with the natural weathering and deterioration that comes with a millennium of existence, lives at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.


And now, a third large monument exists, due to the innovation, partnership, and ingenuity of Philadelphia-based sculptor and NextFab member Miguel Antonio Horn and with the help from our creative team.

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Now on View at the National Constitution Center!

Posted by admin

May 30, 2010 5:13:00 PM

NextFab produced over 300 individual plywood components for this table, which is part of the Being We The People exhibit at the National Constitution Center. The exhibit pairs photographs taken by high-school students in Philadelphia with photographs taken by high school students in Afghanistan. The table holds touch-screen displays with more images and information on the project.  A smaller version of the table is on view in Kabul, Afghanistan as part of a parallel exhibit at the National Museum of Afghanistan.

The table was designed by Cheng + Snyder, an architecture firm based in New York and Philadelphia. Their design features a changing topography which cradles the touch-screen displays. The tabletop is made from many individual plywood pieces, each with a profile slightly different from the pieces next to it. Because each piece of plywood is unique, cutting these by hand or with a jig would have been nearly impossible. With NextFab’s ShopBot CNC router, however, cutting many unique pieces is a snap.

As you can see, the shifting surface of the table invites viewers to touch, sit down, and interact with the displays. If you’d like, you can check out the table for yourself at the National Constitution Center!

Posted by Lewis

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