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Our Bike Garden is opened!

Posted by Yulia Novozhilova

Sep 30, 2013 9:00:00 AM

Since we opened the doors to our brand new facility in January, we have been quietly working away behind the scenes on secret new features. One of these is finally ready, and we invite you to meet our brand new "Bike Garden"! Over the past several months, we have been working closely with 3 landscape architects from Olin Studio - namely Chris Landau, Will Belcher, and Henry Moll - to design and build this combined bike parking and patio area, with cool features like electrical chargers, a bar, and even an access control system. The finished product is the result of a collective effort for which many people should be thankedThe metal bike racks were conceived by Landau, Belcher, and Moll, engineered by Evan Malone, parts were cut on the water jet by NextFab's Alex Numann, welded by Connor Mcgoey (for the most part), ground by our member Jason Browne, vinegar finished by NextFab's Chris Kolb, and installed by Adam Waraksa (and friends). Our member Nyssa Capps polished and sealed the concrete bar top. Evan Malone and Diana Montgomery planted the grass and plants.

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