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New Member Experience with Welding Instruction

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Jun 26, 2011 4:18:14 PM

I am a new member and after taking the required safety classes I have had the chance to take a few other classes with various instructors.   My first interest is welding and I’d like to talk about that today.   I have taken 2 classes in Metal Fabrication and a TIG Welding class.   The instructors are very patient and ready to assist me at my rate of comprehension.   

Everyone with whom I have dealt has been ready to answer questions and go over basics such as setting up the equipment for both steel and aluminum.   Often, there is quite a great deal of information to process, however, I have not felt rushed in anyway.   There is a very positive and friendly atmosphere here.   There is a good focus on safety, which is very important to me.  

In both welding classes, some problems were highlighted that made clear to me some of the difficulties of MIG and TIG welding; i. e., what happens when you don’t have the shielding gas turned on.      

The hands-on aspect is very important with welding as touch, feel and audio input are necessary to truly know what you’re doing.   I have read fairly extensively about welding for a few years but book knowledge only goes so far.   Actually working with the welders takes practice that can be gained here.   It makes a big difference.  

I feel I have the basics to start to hone my skills in MIG welding (as part of the Metal Fabrication Classes) and TIG welding.   Welding is something I have wanted to explore for a long time and now I am getting a great start because of the NextFab Studio. 

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