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Weekly Staff Picks, November 27, 2011

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Nov 27, 2011 2:45:00 PM

Here are this week’s picks.   You could probably spend weeks just on the Science Hobbyist page!

jbaredesign   3D printed coffee cup with an eye-catching design.   More interesting is seeing the original concept here and the refinement that took place before the final design was printed. - Alex

Spooky sci-fi sounds as giant Theramin lands in Melbourne   A giant Theramin has appeared in Melbourne!   A Theramin is a musical instrument that uses no direct contact, just magnetic fields to produce sounds such as those in 1950’s sci-fi movies.   Think “Forbidden Planet”. - Gregg 

Time lapse video of a Photoshop image being created.   The power of Photoshop demonstrated by a true expert in the software.   This is what all Adobe Photoshop users should aspire towards.   I hope I can come close to half as good as this guy is. - Ross

Science Hobbyist   A trove of ideas for inventors and innovators- thought experiments and attempts to conceive of scientifically plausible explanations for rare (and possibly non-existent) phenomena (like force fields, ball lightening, etc).   These are the sorts of ideas that could spawn awesome inventions and many are relatively simple experiments to try.   Check out the author’s ABOUT ME.   Thanks Bill Beaty! - Evan 

Festively Rendered Snowman from Tweets Engineered Exactly    3d printed Twitter snowmen.   Aren’t they cool?   Maybe it is time to order one and get it delivered in time for Christmas! - Yulia

Bionic Contact Lenses with Heads Up Display   Contact lenses that can project images in front of your eyes, there are plans for email applications.   Its silly that they tested them on rabbits though, rabbits can’t use computers. - Matt

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