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Digital Embroidery Software Upgrade!

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Feb 10, 2012 4:11:00 PM

We recently upgraded our digital embroidery software to PE-Design NEXT, which allows us to import vector files directly into embroidery files! No more painful tracing over your illustrator files or artwork.

I imported the skyline and type from Illustrator, and then I offset the lines in PE-Design NEXT.

There are also some other great new features, such as the stem stitch, candlewicking stitch, offset line functions, floral pattern generation, mirror copy, circle copy, built in fonts, easy font editing, and more!

The graphics have improved quite a bit as well, catching up to modern technology (no longer looks like it’s from 1992) AND it’s a lot easier to navigate thanks to the new user interface.

See for yourself, and sign up for classes here: Classes

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Shelley Spector's Digital Embroidery Workshop

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Nov 4, 2011 12:01:00 PM

This past Saturday we held a digital embroidery workshop run by Breadboard resident artist Shelley Spector. Even with the slushy, snowy, winter-in-October weather, we had a brave bunch of souls show up for a more intimate, in-depth, workshop. Attendees learned about the basics of digital embroidery and a bit of laser cutting, and were able to take home what they made with us!

They were first introduced to digital embroidery through a show & tell discussion with pieces Shelley has been working on here. 

Then, Shelley dove into some of the details of the embroidery software we have and how to create digital stitch data using it. 

Shelley prepared a piece for workshop attendees to make and take home she calls “Gone Watch.” 

After looking at samples and learning about how the software works, Shelley continued with how to hoop fabric for embroidery. 

Everyone chose their own colors for fabric, thread, material for the watch faces and then took turns hooping the fabric, embroidering the watch bands, and laser cutting the watch faces!

When the band was cut out around the edges and the face laser cut, they were ready to be put together!

Everyone left with their own personalized “Gone Watch” that they made.

Check out our flickr to see more pictures from the workshop!

Thank you to Shelley Spector for putting this together and to everyone who came! If you missed it, don’t worry; we may have another workshop sometime soon, and our regular digital embroidery classes are being offered frequently. Sign up here!

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