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Weekly Staff Picks, September 18th

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Sep 18, 2011 5:47:00 PM

Here are our Staff Picks for the Week of September 18th, we hope you enjoy them.   We run from artistic to career advancing this week.  

Arduino Arts is an good Arduino beginner’s site I found while researching other Arduino projects.   There are links to tutorials and more.   It’s a relatively new site and has been expanding quickly.   -Gregg

Writing on the wall with der Kritzler (Kritzler is German for Scribbler) is about a cool machine that draws on windows.   -Alex

Bronze Tangle Process - An artist describes his process for casting “tangles” out of bronze.   The process involves 3D printing an investment casting which is then burned away to make the cavity for the bronze.   -Alex

FREE Course: How to Succeed as a Creative Professional.   It’s a 25-week program designed to equip you with the creative and professional skills you need to succeed in your chosen career path – whether you’re an employee, freelancer or creative entrepreneur.   -Yulia

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