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Jul 1, 2011 9:59:00 PM

I’ve just taken the woodworking class.   I took this class chiefly to familiarize myself with the NextFab tools as I have worked for a custom molding company and a cabinet maker.  I felt that the class went very well with a good amount of time for questions.

NextFab has a good selection of tools for woodworking.   I particularly liked the table saw which features a great safety system to stop and lower the blade in less than 5 10,000ths of a second.  I have never had use of a table saw with this kind of safety feature.  

NextFab also has one of the most adjustable chop/compound miter saws I have seen.   It is quite nice to use and very smooth.   The class also went over the sander, band saw and portable planer.   This was the largest class I have taken so far and had 4 students including myself, even so we had more than enough time for each student to try each tool.  

Once again the emphasis on safety was omnipresent.   Woodworking tools can be very dangerous and special care was taken to show us how to use the tools properly and safely.   Most of the tools had fittings for the dust collection system, which was used as well.   This helps to keep the shop very clean compared to any other professional woodworking shop I have seen. 

Time was also spent on the differences between solid wood and engineered wood products including the harmful composition of some engineered products as well as pressure treated wood products.  

Many of the tools will be moved during the reorganization of work spaces that will take place next week to improve access and usability.

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