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Weekly Staff Picks, September 23, 2012

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Sep 23, 2012 1:18:46 PM

Here are our Staff Picks for this week.   Aviation, Art, Crocheting, 3D Printing and Woodworking are what we have for today.   We hope you enjoy them!

Reuters   Jet aircraft running on sawdust or straw?   Sustainable fuel for Turbine and Jet powered vehicles. - Gregg

treehugger   A crocheted playground! - Brandon

Cargocollective   Lots of cool concept art by Scott Robertson (see also: Design Studio Press). - Alex

core77   CNC milled and 3D printed Fisher Price records. - Christine

Inspir3d   Is it melting wood? - Brandon

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Weekly Staff Picks September 16, 2012

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Sep 16, 2012 2:05:42 PM

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Weekly Staff Picks, May 13, 2012

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May 13, 2012 10:13:00 AM

This weeks picks include science merged with art and art and science in food and science for the “just because we can” category.

Tree Piece Helmets   Wooden Sports Helmets - Brandon

Catia V6   Bend Part Design – Adam

Laser cut seaweed (nori) makes fish taste 3 days fresher! - Evan

Everything but the Paper Cut 3 Dimensional Cut Paper Art – Brandon

JETMAN   Need I say more? - Seth

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Burt Rutan's Boomerang and his retirement.

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Jul 30, 2011 2:32:00 PM

The Rutan Boomerang is striking, not only in its appearance, but also its performance.   It has been around for quite awhile and it still is very popular.   Read more about this incredible aircraft here.   The aircraft in the background is also a Rutan design, the Williams V Jet-II.

Burt Rutan's Boomerang

Unfortunately, Burt Rutan has retired.   However, his last project is quite interesting as well.   Read more about it here

Burt Rutan's Flying Car

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