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Weekly Staff Picks, September 25, 2011

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Sep 25, 2011 10:18:00 AM

Here are our Staff Picks for the Week of September 25th, we hope you enjoy them.

Building a Wimhurst Influence Machine from MAKE: Magazine, how to make a Wimshurst Influence Machine which is a late 19th century electrical generator.   -Gregg

Junk Culture is a cool site about using old tires for artistic purposes.   -Brandon

This is Colossal is a blog mixing art, design and physical craft that I recently discovered and absolutely LOVE!   -Rachel

Electric Vehicle TV Detailed instructions on converting internal combustion cars in to electric cars, including vintage sports cars, SUV’s.   -Evan

Speed of Light under scrutiny at CERN   I found an article last night that really caught my attention and I wanted to share it with some fellow science lovers. The article claims that the speed of light has been surpassed by subatomic particles. It hasn’t really been confirmed yet, but I still thought it was pretty cool.   -Matt

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