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Weekly Staff Picks June 10, 2012

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Jun 10, 2012 10:11:44 AM

Here are our Weekly Staff Picks for this week.

3D Scan Your Head and use it as a Chess Piece   An example of using the new technology for 3D scanning by Autodesk 123D. - WanTing

Tim Cook’s US Manufacturing Reality Distortion Field   Interesting article discussing whether Apple can’t (or won’t) do more manufacturing in the US. Normally, people cite China’s subsidized labor wages and favorable tax policies are cited as the major reasons, but the author make some convincing counter-examples:

I’ll leave the subject with one last counter-argument to this tale of how woefully inadequate US manufacturing is to the task.   Take a look at Germany.   By all accounts it should be far less competitive than the US in manufacturing.   Taxes are worse.  Regulations are worse.  Wages are higher.  Yet, Germany’s manufacturing economy thrives.” - Alex

Mechanical Principles (1930) by Ralph Steiner   It’s like the movie Metropolis, but with gears! - Seth

Roominate: Make It Yours   Customizable dollhouse toy for lil’ gals. - Christine

Tron News   Listen to two full albums of Draft Punk songs, remixed as Nintendo soundtracks. - Brandon

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