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Weekly Staff Picks, October 9, 2011

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Oct 9, 2011 10:18:00 AM

This week’s Picks offer have some cool new developments in technology and information for the budding artist and maker alike.   Please enjoy.

Inventables The innovator’s hardware store, resource for finding new materials to explore with.   “We believe that it is currently too difficult for designers, artists, and inventors to source materials.   To solve this problem, we are building an online store that will streamline the process of innovation and inspire everyone—regardless of profession—to explore what’s possible.” - Christine

Made in the USA These products are all still made here in the USA.   Check out their process videos! - Christine

Getting Charge out of Solar Paint How solar “panels” are evolving into solar “paint”. - Ross

From Zero to Maker This is a really good set of articles about how to start “making”.   I have been reading this since the first post and I think this one has some of the best advice so far. - Gregg

Wire Suspended Aerial Camera System This is a graphic about wire suspended stadium cameras. - Brandon

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