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Thank you note to all Shark Tank practice run judges!

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May 3, 2013 10:10:57 AM

The “practice” session “Get Ready To Swim With The Sharks” with celebrity business experts from Wharton Business School, Philly StartUp Leaders, and IP/business law specialists was a huge success.

A HUGE thank you to all of our judges:

John E. Burrows, Wharton School of Business

Jack May, Wharton School of Business

Douglas Cox, Wharton School of Business

Tracy Blumenfeld, RapidTrails, Wharton School of Business

Patricia Owens, J.P. Morgan, Wharton School of Business

Leslie Mitts, Wharton School of Business

Lawrence Gelburd, Wharton School of Business

Patrick FitzGerald, Wharton School of Business

Bob Moul, Philly Startup Leaders

Wayne Kimmel , Artists & Instigators

Francis TaneyStevens & Lee

Peter Bressler, Bressler Group

Terry Hicks, Ben Franklin Technology Partners

Brad Denenberg, Seed Philly

Look out for our next test run “Test Your Elevator Pitch with Ben Franklin Tech Partners" coming up this Saturday, which is by the way a completely sold out event!


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