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Dec 3, 2010 2:37:28 PM

Vinyl decals are one of those ideas that have been around for a while, but which business have suddenly flooded the market with. I looked at a handful of them recently to find some creative and inspiring ways to use our vinyl printer and cutter. This lucrative market has emerged with the widespread use of many new digital printing techniques, such as print-and-cut technology. Companies like Blink originally set the bar high with their design ambitions, and soon enough many more followed the trend. Some of them really stand out. Below is the recycle bin design made by Surface Collective for Coachella 2010 Trashed Competition.

Signage-related stickers from Hu2 Design tend to bring an extra spin to everyday objects.

Traditionally, many think of wall decals as something to use in a child’s room, but they can also be used in a much more sophisticated space to create a modern twist on room decoration.

Random circles, birds, and some funky illustrations typically appeal to more general audiences, but can certainly feed a constant desire for renewal. To me, they are fun to be surrounded by, and if you can add a personal creative touch, it can become something even more fun!

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