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Snow Sculptures Remind You Why You Used To Love The Snow

Posted by Tracy McCarthy

Feb 18, 2014 3:26:22 PM

Everybody loves winter's first snowfall.  Those delicate white sprinkles cascading from the heavens makes even the most cynical east-coaster turn their head up to catch a flake on their nose.

Then the second snow falls, and the excitement fizzles.  The third is an inconvenience.  The fourth begins the feeling of a torturous spiral into a polar vortex of forever winter.

As the northeast buckles down for yet another storm, New American Public Art has the answer -- with instructions! -- on how to put the magic back into snow.


New American Public Art's Stellated Snowdechahedra


The mold was fabricated at NextFab - Find out how to make it! 

NextFab member Bevan Weissman created this stellated dodecahedron mold in our metal workshop.  Using fresh snow in Clark Park, he delighted snow-verloaded passerbys with these surprising sculptures.


Finished mold

Instructables has the step-by-step breakdown of how to measure, weld, and use the "stellated snowdecahedra".  We are challenging our readers to scale down  Bevan's snowdecahedron so it can fit inside the palm of your hand.  Are you thinking what we're thinking? EPIC SNOW STAR FIGHT!


New American Public Art is a collaborative of artists, engineers, programmers and designers with the mission of developing beautiful, interactive public art.  They integrate the physical and social aspects of space to pique the social curiosity and engaged interactions with the audience of their work.

Bevan Weissman is a hybrid artist-engineer.  He rewards curiosity, believes local culture is the spirit of society, and is perpetually fascinated by the weirdness of human beings.  He currently designs and builds interactive objects and experiences with the collective New American Public Art.

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