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Salish Sea Lab Video Competition

Posted by Christine

Aug 22, 2014 11:58:00 AM

squamishbydayYou may have heard about Miguel Horn and Chris Landau’s Vancouver Biennale sculpture residency project, Salish Sea Lab. They met right here at NextFab! It’s a beautiful sculpture by day. Did you know that it also dreams at night?

In June we put the spotlight on this cool project by NextFab members Miguel and Chris. The project got its funding, and the installation was unveiled on June 27th at the Adventure Centre in Squamish, British Columbia! You can see more photos of the work in progress here, and the unveiling of the finished installation here.

This gorgeous sculpture taps into the history of the region, where for centuries people have navigated lakes and rivers with dugout canoes, crossing boundaries, seeing firsthand the beauty of the northern landscape at night, and experiencing the existential fears and hopes that surround all who journey.

At night, the animation projected onto the Salish Sea Lab installation is dynamic. It captures six sequences: the stars, the fjords of Howe Sound, the regional ecosystem, mourning (as the boat weeps flowers), Salish Sea, and hope in the form of a big, rotating flower.

The creators want to capture the magic that happens on the surface of the boat each night, when the projection hits the topography.


So, videographers in Squamish and Vancouver are invited to come help document this exciting project and capture the animation!


  • Create a 1-2 minute video clip
  • Shoot between dusk and midnight to capture the dreaming sculpture
  • Daytime footage also welcome
  • FIRST PLACE WINNER will receive a large lasercut woodblock print
  • SECOND PLACE WINNER will receive a small lasercut woodblock print

To enter, submit your project to Chris at by midnight on September 15th.

Miguel and Chris would like to thank the Vancouver Biennale, Leon Lebeniste, Sqomish Forestry, BC Timberframe, Fraserwood Industries, Howe Sound Pulp and Paper, Quest University, the Adventure Centre, Krisztina Egyed, Collin Bates, and Squamish Nation for making this amazing installation possible.

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