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Salish Sea Lab: Kickstarter Spotlight

Posted by Angie Hilem

Jun 14, 2014 12:28:57 PM



Our members are a diverse group of engineers, artists, professionals, and hobbyists. Two in particular, Miguel Horn and Chris Landau, met while working at our facility at 2025 Washington Ave and have since created a Kickstarter to back their "intricately evolving sculpture and projection installation that discusses loss and sea change for the Vancouver Biennale."

Together, they have collaborated to form Salish Sea Lab, which interweaves sculpture and projection to tell the story of the region while giving voice to the history of Squamish.

Waterways were the main route of travel for hundreds of years for the First Nations people, whose canoe designs, as Horn explained, "are derived from how the water looks at night when moonlight is shining on the different lakes." Tribal elders are buried in these canoes which are then stilted onto land or up in trees as burial sites. They represent loss, mourning, and change - perfect to symbolize the progression of old trade routes which became commercial centers and led to industrialization. The evolution of the region is depicted in the art that Horn and Landau are creating.


"When looking at the graphic depiction of the waterways, it looks like a cranium or bonzai tree," so they used the topography of the area to design the inside of a canoe which will be created with a mix of traditional boat building and fabrication.

They have created most of their rewards right at our facility. This is Horn milling a prototype.


Landau has coded a digital ECO-system to simulate the type of adaptive ecology which speaks to the collective histories of the First Nations people as well as the ways logging has affected the ecosystem. They bring different worlds together to show all sides of the spectrum and bridge the way they both individually work. 

The installation will be on display at the Vancouver Biennale and they are currently in a 6-week residency at Quest University. Supporting this project is effectively advocating cultural exchange, preservation of history, and facilitating pertinent discourse on how we have and can continue to shape our world.

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