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Roland MDX 540 CNC mill

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Dec 23, 2009 12:50:00 PM


The above photograph shows NextFab founder Evan Malone with the first major piece of kit to be uncrated: the Roland MDX 540 CNC mill. (The photo is a few weeks old, and things have progressed quickly since then!)

Unlike the 3D printers at NextFab Studio, which use an additive process to build up a 3D model, this piece of kit cuts into a block of resin, chemical wood, plastic or light metal to create custom parts or molds from 3D CAD files.

So what can it be used for?


Models made from a wider range of materials than the 3D printer can offer.


Functional prototypes. The subtractive CNC process creates parts from durable materials with smooth curves and tight tolerances.


You can also produce molds for parts or figurines for small lot production.

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