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Jun 17, 2010 3:01:00 PM

NextFab Studio will be taking to the skies and reaching for the stars… or get wet trying. About a month ago we submitted a design for Red Bull Flugtag Philadelphia

As team Captian I received a return phone call recently and I was happy to announce to the team we had been selected. Out of 350+ submissions from around the country we were one group selected of 35 to compete.
It has always been a dream of humans to fly like the birds and we get our chance on September 4th down at the Delaware Ave. Waterfront. The day will be filled with great (but odd) performances, music, family fun, and… a lot of crashes.
Bring your friends, family, and your green hat. Be ready to laugh, cheer, and be amazed by your new favorite team…. THE FOUNDING FLYERS. Our team will have a modern take on Philadelphia’s constitution signing Founding Fathers.

We will be posting during our build process so please stay tuned and enjoy our video and picture posts.

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