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Nov 26, 2010 4:56:45 PM

We jest. It’s not Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter solstice, Boxing Day or Kwanzaa yet, but it is the day after Thanksgiving. And as such, we are pleased to bring you a series of holiday-themed blog entries. To get you in the spirit.

First up! Holiday parties! There are a number of variations — company, partner’s company, clients’, friends’, ugly sweater, black-tie and potluck — but they all have the common theme of meeting new people, and impressing them when possible. For that reason, we’d like to recommend you stop by NextFab stat to create some business cards.

We get it. You have business cards. But are your business cards laser-cut, with detail down to 0.01”? And etched in varying intensities? And on any medium you want — leather, photo paper, archival paper, beef jerky, handmade recycled paper, cheese? And, natch, any color you can imagine.

If you’re an artist, having a business card that is a work of art is a pretty straightforward concept. But even if you’re not, why not be memorable? Accountants, sales reps, engineers and administrative professionals all deserve to have unique, beautiful business cards.

So come up with a design, pick out what medium to use, and sign up for our Custom-Cut Business Card class. All the deets are available in our earlier blog post on the class, and both members and non-members can sign up at our Classes calendar.

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