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NextFab designs and fabricates Custom Trophy for 2013 MLU Championship Game

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Jul 18, 2013 2:30:00 PM

Nic Darling, the Executive VP of Major League Ultimate (MLU), reached out to NextFab Studio to design and build a trophy to award the winner of the 2013 MLU Championship Game. Nic then met with Tom Welsh, the leader of the contract services team and ironed out the budget and schedule. Just a few weeks later, NextFab produced a trophy that could hold its own next to trophies like the Stanley Cup or NFL Championship trophy.  

Similar to many of NextFab’s custom design jobs, the process was divided into a conceptual phase, followed by a detailed design and fabrication phase. Drawing from within NextFab’s team of designers, several conceptual designs were created, and Edwin Rivera, NextFab’s Industrial Designer, gave them life with a set of sketches.  Just a few days later, Nic chose his favorite design, and the team set down the path of making it a reality. The trophy includes a section that has the entire team members’ names engraved.  The design allows for an additional section to be inserted each year for the winning team.

The trophy is a full size engraved polished aluminum disc atop a pair of crossed arcs.  The arcs were cut on NextFab’s Flow water jet and the disc was turned on our Haas CNC lathe.  Engraving would be done on the Shopbot CNC router.  Finishing included welding, grinding, sanding, and polishing operations. After the final assembly of the trophy onto a custom wooden base, it was ready. 

Nic picked up the finished trophy to present at the championship. During the championship game, Tom tuned in to the broadcast to watch the game and see the awards ceremony. Tom said, “Seeing the the trophy being handed to the winning players who were gushing with pride in front of the cheering crowd was an emotional experience.  It made me proud to be a part of NextFab.”





Photos from the game day, by Sean Carpenter.

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