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NextFab awarded $25,000 in Startup PHL’s Call for Ideas

Posted by James Fayal

Mar 27, 2014 1:50:51 PM


Startup PHL has awarded $25,000 in grant funding to NextFab as part of their “Call for Ideas” program. NextFab’s funding will go towards building a co-op program for companies operating out of our south Philadelphia coworking and incubation space. The grants were announced and awarded by Mayor Michael Nutter on March 20th at a ribbon cutting ceremony for SevOne’s new Center City office.

Currently, NextFab has five incubator companies that work out of private offices, as well as over 350 general community members. The grant will help fund stipends for the co-ops as well as programming and thesis projects for the students.

The Startup PHL grants are awarded from a $500,000 Department of Commerce fund that was developed to support individuals, partnerships, non-profits and companies working to grow the startup and early-stage business economy in Philadelphia.

We are honored to accept the grant and hope to use the funds to introduce the next generation of top college students to high tech startups being built and thriving in Philadelphia and at NextFab.

Additional organizations to receive grants include:

  • PennApps Fellows Internship Program: $2,500 per student participant to support a local program connecting student interns from across the nation to Philadelphia based companies for a 10-week internship during the summer of 2014.

  • Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: $25,000 to create a series of monthly seminars, panels and interactive workshops focused on the business of fashion for the design community.

  • Zivtech Developer Boot Camp: $24,000 to teach a six-week developer bootcamp to a class of 30 participants.

  • / Philly Startup Leaders: $25,000 to create and execute a series of eight workshops to better connect the PHL tech community to universities and students.

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