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My First Software Class at NextFab

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Jun 29, 2011 10:36:54 PM

I took the Adobe Illustrator CS4 class today.   I really enjoyed it.   I have used much older versions of Illustrator and fooled around with Illustrator CS4 before but I never got up to speed with it.  

The class was small, just two students including myself.   One of us preferred Windows and I prefer Mac OS and the class was taught on both with each of us using our preferred platform.   We were taught quite a lot at a good pace with ample time for questions.   The instructor made it easy to get up and running and gave us a multi-page handout with what we were taught as a reference.   Our instructor was very knowledgeable and taught us many shortcuts for both Windows and Mac OS.   

Illustrator is very powerful and can be used for graphic design in print and on the web as well as making designs that the 2D CNC machines such as the Torchmate, the ShopBot and the Trotec Laser can use to do their magic.   And still, I am only touching on the flexibility of Adobe Illustrator CS4.  

As before, I found this to be a friendly atmosphere in which to learn with great resources.      

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