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Meet Our First NextFab Ambassador: Corinne Warnshuis

Posted by Angie Hilem

Jul 3, 2014 4:03:40 PM


Why have Ambassadors?

We started the Ambassador Program because we recognized people within our community who advocate for NextFab, though they aren't a part of our organization. They understand our mission and desire to contribute to the eco-system of innovation. Whether they never joined due to a lack of resources or because they weren't entirely sure of what we do, this opportunity gives them a chance to experience all all we have to offer.

Ambassadors are given memberships and asked to participate, as most members do, by taking classes and actively participating in various events. Each ambassadorship is catered to the individual, but each includes complimentary access to our facility. In addition to the resources on hand, ambassadors will engage with our knowledgable and supportive staff. Our demographic is wide, and our members consist of hobbyists, hi-tech professionals, freelancers, and life-long learners.

What will the program entail?

Our classes range from beginner, to intermediate, and advanced. Some people are intimidated by our space, if they lack a technical or manufacturing background, but they shouldn't be! We welcome everyone with open arms and believe someone who is intellectually curious can learn to use most of our equipment to make fantastic projects.

We aim for a mutually beneficial experience and encourage our ambassadors to provide us with feedback to help us improve our processes and interactions. As we continue to grow, we must tune into our community on every dial. Participating in dialogue with individuals who have been invited in this way allows us access to valuable, additional perspectives we cannot otherwise ascertain.

Meet Our First NextFab Ambassador


Corinne Warnshuis is our first ambassador and fits very well into the program. She's organized events to host at NextFab prior starting her program. In January, she organized a tour for Girl Develop It, and during Philly Tech Week, which took place this past April, she co-organized an Arduino workshop. Past experience as a seamstress lends to her particular interest in our textiles department. Even her partner, Michael Kappeler, is an active member! 

Already, Corinne has taken classes, built things to use in their home, and sometimes works from our coworking area. Our hope is that she has a positive experience and continues to make others aware of the great things that can be accomplished here.


How To Become A NextFab Ambassador

Are you an educator? A member of a similarly aligned organization, such as Women In Architecture, American Institute of Graphic Arts? Are you itching to create, but have no formal training? You can apply to become our next ambassador by emailing

Please explain how you identify with NextFab. Describe your background, what projects you'd like to start, and how you might plan to give back to the community.The duration of time and overall ambassadorship varies per person, but will be no shorter than 3 months. People who want to be here should be here. Regular site attendence is expected and we hope to host representatives from a mix of careers and industries.


We are excited to continuously contribute to the growing ecosystem of empowerment which has become a reality in Philadelphia. 



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