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Maker Faire NYC 2011

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Sep 21, 2011 6:11:00 PM

World Maker Faire 2011 NYC

We made a trip to the World Maker Faire in New York last weekend. It was great fun. We had a small table set up with a few projects from a couple of our members.

We took photos you can see on our Flickr page. We saw a few other of our member/makers who had booths set up themselves. One member was even giving a workshop. Each of the staff got to walk around and see pretty much all the Faire had to offer.

There were excellent displays from many different maker communities. There was a Sustainability tent with a good deal of information. There were demonstrations from many suppliers to the Maker communities. There were 3D Printers galore. There was science going on! The Arduino community was well represented with its own tent. There were people making clothing, electronic kits, jewelry, t-shirts, sculptures, art prints, bamboo-framed bicycles, new Arduino-based microcontrollers, Arduino shields, LED matrices and more.

The area in which the Maker Faire was held, The New York Hall of Science, was quite nice. It was the site of the 1964/65 World’s Fair as well as the 1939/40 World’s Fair. There was an atmosphere of creativity and curiosity in the air. It was very cool to see a group of genuinely interested individuals, people who like to get their hands dirty. It was also great to see so many motivated young people doing something interactive and educational.

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