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Hand Cranked Luminescent Jewelery

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Mar 16, 2011 8:08:09 PM

It’s more than a workshop, it’s an experience! LoVid, an eclectic and interdisciplinary artist duo from NYC will be leading an equally eclectic and interdisciplinary workshop at NextFab Studio on March 19th, 1-4pm! This is a family-friendly event with limited seats. RSVP HERE!

Hand Cranked Luminescence is an on-going series of workshops that explore arts and craft applications of electronic circuitry. Materials include: wires, LED lights, recycled fabric, and hand-cranks. During the workshops participants of all ages and backgrounds experience and learn the basics of electricity through light and hand-cranked power. Using very simple materials and techniques as metaphors, participants are encouraged to discuss and reflect on renewable energy, consumerism, the significance of collaboration, metaphysics, spirituality, and fashion.

Hand Cranked Luminescence has been presented in different forms and venues including: LightWave, The Science Gallery, Dublin Irland, n.o.where, London UK, and Cue Art Foundation, New York NY.

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