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Additive Manufacturing Technology: DVIRC & 3D Printing

Posted by Angie Hilem

Jun 25, 2014 12:05:00 PM

Bukito 3D Printer In Action

Last month, we hosted our first class in a series on Advanced Manufacturing Technology, sponsored by DVIRC. The focus of this course is 3D printing.

DVIRC and its partners create an opportunity for manufacturers to innovate by providing the means to learn about, assess, and invest in specific advanced manufacturing technologies. The Advanced Manufacturing Accelerator assists regional manufacturers by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to capture the value of AM and achieve profitable growth through new products, processes, services, markets, and customers. Read more about specific business opportunities here.

The Additive Manufacturing Immersion course introduces skilled professionals to AM in an intensive three day course which covers the technology from a hands-on and theoretical perspective. Students learn when AM is appropriate, including its benefits and limitations. They are provided a material extrusion 3D printer at their desk. After some instruction, they are encouraged to get familiar with the processes by printing on their own. Students are additionally trained on a simple CAD program to compete in a design challenge at the end of the third day.

The printers utilzed in this course are Bukito Portable 3D Printers, each named after streets in south Philadelphia, which NextFab calls home.

They are each named after signifcant figures of Philadelphian history.

Additive Manufacturing Students Learn 3D Printing

You may still be able to reserve a seat for our upcoming course scheduled to begin July 21st. We had a great mix of people from different industries last time. The course is free of charge and we'd love to meet you! This is a great opportunity for relevant professional development.

 Additive Manufacturing Course Attendees

 To see more from our first class, check our flickr. Big thanks to the DVIRC for asking us to host! 



Upcoming DVIRC Additive Manufacturing sessions are scheduled for July 21st-23rd, September 8th-10th, October 6th-8th, and February 9th-11th. July's course is full, but if you click below, you can reserve a seat for September. 

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