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David Beker's Small Wall Cabinet

Posted by Angie Hilem

Jul 8, 2014 11:49:00 AM


Traditional Techniques & Next-Gen Tools

  • David Becker is a member who entered this piece to The 21st Annual Wharton Esherick Museum Woodworkers' Competition and Exhibition.
  • He used "a great deal of traditional woodworking techniques, but the project is really focused around the two large laser-cut walnut panels."




The walnut panels are overlaid intricately and with great style.


The details in the jointing and combination of materials are impressive. To learn more about David's work and previous entries, check out his blog.


What are your favorite aspects of this project? Have you made something using similar techniques?

You can learn how to build your own small wall cabinet by taking classes on woodworking at NextFab.

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