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Cut Copy's New 3D Printed Music Video: Powered by NextFab.

Posted by Yulia Novozhilova

Feb 24, 2014 5:47:00 PM

The Australian electronic band Cut Copy has teamed up with Party, a Tokyo- and New York-based creative company, to use cutting edge technology to make an unforgettable music video for their new single, “We Are Explorers.”

NextFab’s Chris Thompson and Brandon Boulden helped the creative vision become a reality, providing technical support and stellar 3D printing for this innovative project. The figurines used in the stop-motion animation for the video were printed by Chris and Brandon on our Stratasys Dimension SST 1200es with UV-fluorescent filament. The video was shot under blacklight over the course of 6 nights on the streets of Los Angeles.



Brandon hands over his little friends to Aramique.

Check Out Cut Copy’s 3D Printed Music Video for “We Are Explorers”
Click “Show more” on the YouTube page for the video to see NextFab, Brandon, and Chris in the credits!



What makes this project even more exciting is that the directors have released all of the 3D printing files for download via BitTorrent.

"What if we 3D-printed a music video? For “We Are Explorers”, the band, with directors Masa Kawamura, Qanta Shimizu, and Aramique Krauthamer, prototyped the physical video. Shot in stop motion, every frame is 3D-printed. And like any song, it’s only a starting point. How the world hears and feels it is up to you. In partnership with Cut/Copy, we’re releasing the new “We Are Explorers” video as a BitTorrent Bundle. Download the Bundle, and unlock the film, a frame-by-frame guide to stop-motion shooting, plus copies of the 3D print files for each character in the film. “We Are Explorers” is a journey into the big and unknown. It starts with you. Share your films, ideas, and storylines with the band using the hashtag #WeAreExplorers."

--from BitTorrent Blog, Feb 21, 2014

The project to create the video has been featured on Fast Company, The Guardian, Time Magazine, Gizmodo and MTV. The Creators Project  has just released an exclusive behind the scenes story and interview with the creative team.

NextFab is partnering with the Creators Project to 3D print and give away sets of 8 figurines to creative individuals, 3D printing enthusiasts, and Cut Copy fans. The lucky recipients are invited to create their own narratives with stop-motion and share their creations online.

For a chance to win, email your name and zip code to with the subject line: We Are Explorers.

NextFab is proud to have helped make this creative vision possible, and we can help you with yours.
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