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Community Outreach at NextFab: Philadelphia Futures and SeaPerch

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May 25, 2013 10:55:42 AM

For the past four years NextFab has hosted Philadelphia Futures’ robotics team. The team consists of six students who have the opportunity to learn science and engineering principles through the design and fabrication of a submersible vehicle. From the end of January to the end of April, students visit NextFab once a week to work with our staff of engineers on their project. Students get one-on-one instruction on principles such as buoyancy, drag, surface area, velocity, and torque. Students also learn proper engineering design technique, and learn the process of designing a prototype, fabricating a prototype, and refining that prototype to create a finished product.

This year the team did very well in the competition, which was held at Drexel University’s pool on the 27th of April. This year’s competition consisted of two events: an obstacle course, and a ring-removal challenge. Team “Sedna Inc.” was able to remove five out of the twelve rings, and came in second place in their obstacle course heat – just a minute behind the fastest time. The team came in second place in both the spirit and sportsmanship categories, and received an honorable mention in the engineering notebook category.

Of the students in Philadelphia Future’s Sponsor A Scholar (SAS) program, 100% of seniors graduated in 2012, and 94% were accepted into college. Two students from last year’s team will be attending Drexel in the fall.

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