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Assistive tech wins NextFab Prize at Philly CodeFest 2014 hackathon

Posted by Yulia Novozhilova

Mar 2, 2014 9:46:09 AM

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Last weekend, Drexel University hosted Philly CodeFest, which brought over one hundred student and professional programmers together for two days of civic-minded hacking.

We are proud of our continuing tradition of helping talented and innovative early-stage startups through sponsorships and prizes for hackathons. Two years in a row, we have supported the hardware hackathon called PennHacks, which we wrote about here. Sponsoring an award in Philly CodeFest was an obvious choice for us, particularly with the addition of hardware solutions to this year’s event.

The NextFab Studio Award for Philly CodeFest 2014 went to Liquid Picnic, a team of five members: Scott Lerner, Reid Welliver, Corey Shoenfeld, Isikcan Yilmaz, and Burim Derveni. Their project is called MotionExplorer, an intuitive, 3-dimensional gesture-controlled smart wheelchair concept. Liquid Picnic will receive a free 6 month membership to NextFab for the entire team to help them bring their project to maturity. At NextFab, Liquid Picnic will be rubbing wheels with another pioneer in assistive technology, NextFab resident company, Love Park Robotics. Who knows what the two groups could achieve together?

We are thrilled to honor the ingenuity of Liquid Picnic, and can’t wait to see where this project takes them - at NextFab and beyond!

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