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Studio Profile: Cody Heller, Jeweler

NextFab's "Studio for Innovators"

Winter Workshop: Seasonal Candle Holder

Winter Workshop: Showflake Arduino Delights

Ryan Hyde: Resident Luthier

Design Profile: Ric Allison and The Poetic Moment

"The Magical Pumpkin Machine"

Jessie Garcia Uses Her Head to Save Lives

Design-Build Studio Enchants Camden With "Ourself" (Pt.3)

NextFab's RAPID launches to super-charge your startup!

NextFab Connects You to The Internet of Things!

Design-Build Studio Enchants Camden With "Ourself" (Pt.2)

Motivated Millenial Makes the Case for Charity

Design-Build Studio Enchants Camden With "Ourself" (Pt.1)

NextFab Sculpts Adaptable Affection for Visit Philadelphia

Noria is cool.

BenShot Builds Family Business With NextFab Support

Olive Devices: Creating Superpowers for Disabilites

Mayor Kenney gets excited about NextFab

Emerging Makers: Students, Schools and Post-Grads Make the Most of NextFab

The Revolution Will Be Prototyped

"Like Instagram Filters for Digital Audio..."

Welding Theory and Application at NextFab

Mayor Jim Kenney visited NextFab for a tour!

Let's Get Physical: A Medical Hackathon "Saves Lives with Nerd Powers!"

UPenn Electric Race Team Dominates the Field

On Feb 10, Make Your Own Honey Dipper at North 4th!

Mike Harpring Fabs Beautiful New Kensington Pub

Junior Member Sidharta Vadaparty and His Killer Kinemeter

NextFab Electronics Wizard Makes the Season Bright

Vanessa Chan's Creative Innovation Wipes Out Gripes

NextFab Builds Outdoor Game Tables for University City Science Center

Intro to Jewelry at North Fourth Supports PAWS

Open Studio Night Series at NextFab North 4th!

NextFab Supports Budding Young Entrepeneur

From Our Labs: Creating with Corian

2D: Photo Scanning and Printing at NextFab

The Jig is Up: Our Intern Created 3D-printable Jigs for Startup

Geeking Out: How We Made the 2015 Geekadelphia Trophies

Itzik Lorant's Work Chosen for Math Art Show

The Thrill of Invention

"It was just an idea until I came to NextFab!"

Skate Park Meets Conceptual Art

Making Superfine Tables

Making a Tiny, 3D-Scanned Sculpture Larger Than Life

NextFab Member Daniel Stein Brings a New and Improved Third Hand Kit to Market

DIY Light-up Weather Forecasting with BeagleBone Black

NextFab Member Spotlight: RAW Artist Chris Prewitt

NextFab Made: A Blog by Kid Hazo

Call To Makers: NextFab's Pop Up Shop Wants You!

An Instructable: Arduino Game Controller

TechStyles: Fashion Innovation in Philadelphia

David Beker's Laser Cut Lamp

3D Printing David Pogue's Face

Steelborn Choppers: Waterjet-Cut Brake Rotors

Mapping Freire: Integrating Curriculum and Public Art

Salish Sea Lab Video Competition

An Instructable: Arduino-Powered LED Clock

David Beker's Small Wall Cabinet

Meet Our First NextFab Ambassador: Corinne Warnshuis

Additive Manufacturing Technology: DVIRC & 3D Printing

Woodworking Contest Winners

Salish Sea Lab: Kickstarter Spotlight

Get Your Favorite DIY Woodworker A Free Membership

Same NextFab, new name!

Penn Electric Racing jets ahead with NextFab's waterjet cutting

Penn Law’s Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic [Slides]

NextFab awarded $25,000 in Startup PHL’s Call for Ideas

Reflecting On NextFab Build with InHabit's Jackie Gusic

Assistive tech wins NextFab Prize at Philly CodeFest 2014 hackathon

Cut Copy's New 3D Printed Music Video: Powered by NextFab.

American Medium Kickstarter!

Snow Sculptures Remind You Why You Used To Love The Snow

Advanced Technology Puts the Past into Perspective

What's Kickin' at NextFab: Jalapeño Portable Beat Maker and Colour Modular Analog Saturator

Where are they now? Meet Ben Reytblat - NextFab member from August 2010-July 2012

"Conch Republic" Debuts at Sculpture Key West

SPORE Takes Life at NextFab

Crossing our fingers for CreativeMornings Philadelphia...

Unearthing the Wonder of King Tut

Makers Monday, So Good to Me

Due North: Philagrafika and NextFab Collab Points to the Future of Digital Printmaking

Molecular Diagnostics for the Masses

Hack Away, My Wayward Son

Philly Loves Manufacturing

Collaborative Projects Gain Traction: subTRACTION, Opening November 1st at Napoleon

NextFab Member Chris Landau Pays Homage to Buckminster Fuller in "Vector Equilibria"

FIGMENT Coming to West Philly on October 6!

Our Bike Garden is opened!

Wednesday's Child: Benjamin

Yards Tap Handle Roundup

Maker Jawn: Philly kids making blinking things

Philadelphia Maker Celebration

NextFab + Jeanne Jaffe

NextFab designs and fabricates Custom Trophy for 2013 MLU Championship Game

Yards Tap Handle Throwdown at NextFab

Hold your next meeting at NextFab!

Project Highlights: Recycled material coffee table

Community Outreach at NextFab: Philadelphia Futures and SeaPerch

Shark Tank Preliminary Judges — Ben Franklin Technology Partners

Join the Shovelution: From a Rapid Prototype to Shark Tank

Thank you note to all Shark Tank practice run judges!


NextFab is Growing Up (Obligatory Policy Updates)


Learn Grasshopper: Flexible Geometry through Visual Coding

Featured NextFab Member—Laate Olukotun

Weekly Staff Picks, November 4, 2012


Weekly Staff Picks, September 23, 2012

Weekly Staff Picks September 16, 2012

Weekly Staff Picks, September 2, 2012

E-Textiles 101: Get your tickets NOW!


Pocket Grill Now On Sale!

Weekly Staff Picks, August 26, 2012




Congratulations UE LifeSciences!

Cork Fabric

Laser-cut Folding Ukulele via Core77

NextFab on Metropolis Magazine

CNN on 3D Printing: the shape of things to come

Weekly Staff Picks, July 22, 2012

New Grommet Press!

Weekly Staff Picks, July 8, 2012

Atomic Robotics & NextFab: RedBull Creation 2012

Our 3D Printer Workshop Instructor Jordan Miller on BBC

Flying Kite is Looking for a Knit Bomber

INDEX: AIGA Annual Resources Fair


Congratulations class of 2012!

Weekly Staff Picks June 10, 2012

Weekly Staff Picks June 3, 2012

June NextFabulous Social Thursday 6/21@ 6pm



Weekly Staff Picks May 27, 2012

A New Co-working space in Center City Philadelphia

Weekly Staff Picks May 20, 2012

Build-Your-Own-3D-Printer Workshop

NextFabulous Social THIS THURSDAY! 5/17 @ Nodding Head

Weekly Staff Picks, May 13, 2012

The Pingry School Inaugural Achievement in the Arts Award


Philly Tech Week: NextFab features Toool


Weekly Staff Picks, April 22, 2012

Philadelphia Woodworks Grand Opening: Sunday, April 22nd

Weekly Staff Picks, April 15, 2012

Weekly Staff Picks, April 8, 2012

Business & Arts Partnership Award

Mix It: Opening Night Party



Weekly Staff Picks, April 1, 2012



Weekly Staff Picks, March 25, 2012

Join Us This Thursday @The Sidecar bar 6PM : March NextFabulous Social

NextFabulous SHOW & TELL

Weekly Staff Picks, March 18, 2012

COMING UP SOON! UPenn Grasp Lab Robotics Demo @ NextFab

Weekly Staff Picks, March 11, 2012

**NextFab Logo Latte ART **

Digital Embroidery Workshop with Shelley Spector

NextFab on Philly Daily News!

March NextFabulous Social is on 3/22!!

Our Member Shelley Spector on Grid Magazine

3D Scanner/ NextEngine Class 2/26/2012

NextFab featured on!!!

Weekly Staff Picks, February 26th, 2012

E-Textile Class 2/18-19 by Christine & Ross

ShopBot Class 2/18 Taught By Lewis

Weekly Staff Picks, February 19th, 2012


Weekly Staff Picks, February 12th, 2012

Digital Embroidery Software Upgrade!

Weekly Staff Links, February 5th

Weekly Staff Picks, January 8, 2011

"The Helm"

Hive 76/NextFab Collider

Weekly Staff Picks, December 11, 2011

Weekly Staff Picks, December 4, 2011


Weekly Staff Picks, November 27, 2011

E-Textiles Workshop

Steve Jobs Patents Exhibit by the Patent Office

Weekly Staff Picks, November 20, 2011

Touchscreen-ready Gloves!

Weekly Staff Picks, November 13, 2011


Weekly Staff Picks, November 6, 2011

Shelley Spector's Digital Embroidery Workshop


Weekly Staff Picks, October 30, 2011

Halloween "Costume Emergency!"

Weekly Staff Picks, October 22, 2011

Edaphic Effects—PEG office of landscape + architecture

Digital Embroidery Workshop with Artist Shelley Spector

Weekly Staff Picks, October 9, 2011

NextFlag! (E-textiles teaser)

RIP Steve Jobs



Safety Glasses Holder 5000

Weekly Staff Picks, September 25, 2011

Maker Faire NYC 2011

Weekly Staff Picks, September 18th

Our new interactive window display project

Weekly Staff Picks: September 11, 2011

Weekly Staff Picks: September 4, 2011


NextFab Audience Evaluation 2011` Survey


RepRap World Tour

We will be Closed Labor Day

Inspired by Member's Tritium Keychain Project

ShopBot CNC Router Part II

We will be at the Maker Faire NYC

Hacked RC truck Saves Lives in War Zone.

Laundry Notification by Arduino

More on the Autodesk acquisition of Instructables

Swedish man arrested for trying to build a Nuclear Reactor in his kitchen

Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform (WASP)

University of Southampton (UK) Flies the First Printed Aircraft!

Arduino Development Kit for iPhone

Using Social Media for your Business

Another Kickstarter Success Story for Modular Earbuds

Autodesk Buys Instructables

New 3D Printer from Holland

3D Scanning


For Apple Fans

Burt Rutan's Boomerang and his retirement.

Thought Controlled Gear Change with iPhone Equipped Bicycle

Apple Computer now has more cash on hand than the U. S. Government

ShopBot Classes

Untitled Newsletter

MAKE: Magazine

New ASTM Standard answers need for Standard Interchange File Format

Going back to the Moon.

We will be closing early this Sunday.

Lion Roars Today.

Would you like us to offer a Show and Tell Session?

Don't forget, we now have Monday and Tuesday hours and extended weekend hours!

More Classes


Laser-engraved bottle

New Vacuum Bed on the ShopBot!



Grand Reopening July 12th

Congratulations to the NextFab Award One Winner!

Getting to The NextFab Studio from the Main Line


The VersaCamm SP-300i

My First Software Class at NextFab

New Member Experience with Welding Instruction


Artist-in-Residence Shelly Spector.

Calling for Teens' App Ideas

Free Electronic Recycling Event with Weavers Way and Chestnut Hill Friends

Do you know what this is? This is a dinosaur egg.

IDSA- Social Impact!


Maker Field Day Registration Open!



Hand Cranked Luminescent Jewelery

Generation 3D: 3D Printing Workshop

Dan Funderburgh

We have a winner!

Reiko Sudo: Nuno Circle

Generation 3D: 3D Printing Workshop

Webinar - Licensing Your Invention

Win a $50,000 Dell credit, laptops and more!

Tomorrow: Embedded and Digital Electronics, in 10 Minutes


Super Awesome Birthday Cake

How to Begin a Start-Up





Regular Hours Today

Cooking Up Some Digital Gastronomy

Graphene Is So 2010


NextFab Studio wants your images!

Night of Cheer, Part II


Night of Cheer, Pt. I

Stick Them On!

To All of You, Vector Art Lovers!

What to Get for the Person That Has Everything

On the first day of...

NPR to Air Segment on Hackerspaces

Technically Philly/NextFab Open House

The Nextfab Electronics Classes Featured in Flying Kite Media

Lamp Design Challenge Results!


Lamp Design Judges


2-person team reaches space...

Madgets - Magnetic Widgets for the desktop of the future

NextFab awarded Editor's Choice at Maker Faire


Chess By Mail of the 21st Century

Jump Robot! Jump!

Open Hardware Summit

NYT Article on 3D Printing

Laser Cut Miniature Wood Pallets

Laser Cut Scarves

Great Member Blog

Falkirk Wheel

Member Spotlight: David Holly

Laser Cut Business Card Class

Fab6, Part 2

Very Informative Page About When to Replace Bike Helmets

Small, Medium and Large

What will that gin and tonic do for you?

Thoughts on Fab6 So Far

Laser Goodness

Laser Welding

Art History Thesis on Arduino Chips in art and design


NextFab Movie Night

Juicy Photoshoot of Tom Sachs' Studio

New Project Ideas

Welding Rodeo Showdown

Desktop Inkjet Printer Hack into a 3D Printer

Interesting Show at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

A Critique of Excessive Lasercutting

2D is the new 3D

Slate Article For Writers, Grad Students, Artists and the Ambitious

Electrostatic Flocking

Pounding Asphalt

Even More Printers

Doming is the new electrostatic flocking

Live in a museum

Laser Cut Shoes

Digital Fabrication Link Extravaganza

Printmaking and Lasers: BFFS


Mud Run

NextFab Studio on PBS

Laser Engraving Stone

Now on View at the National Constitution Center!

Rapid 2010 - Additive Manufacturing

Where do ShopBots Come From?

From the ShopBot Jamboree

NextFab People: Joseph Reagan

NextFab People: Katherine Silkaitis

NextFab People: Brandon Boulden

Next Fab People: Curt Hess

NextFab People: Alex Numann

Happy Holidays!

Roland MDX 540 CNC mill

NextFab for Fashion Designers

Make Magazine: 2009 Guide to Open Source Hardware Projects

The Laser Cutter has Landed!

NextFab People: Dr. Steve Tang

Happy Thanksgiving!

NextFab People: Dan Schimmel

Torchmate II CNC Router

NextFab Studio Team: David Clayton

Shopbot PRSAlpha CNC Router

NextFab Studio Team: Stephanie Koenig

Stratasys Dimension 1200ES SST 3D printer

Z-Corp Spectrum Z510 3D Printer

Logo Contest Winner Selected!

Machine of the Week: Trotec Speedy 500

Logo Contest Closed!

NextFab Studio Team: Lewis Colburn

Logo Contest Update #2

NextFab Studio Founder, Dr. Evan Malone

Our Neighbor - MidAtlantic Restaurant Opens!

More equipment on the way...

Logo Design Contest Begins!!

Network installation begins

Walls are going up (way up)

Construction begins!

Contest preparations

Deposits made

Lease secured


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